A Thoughtful, Analytical Approach to NGO Security

BOMBS: Protecting People and Property
Negotiation with Armed Groups: A Manual for Practitioners
The Zombie Survival Guide
BOMBS: Protecting People and Property
Although this handbook was intended to help managers of businesses reduce vulnerability to the threat from terrorist bomb attack it is of value to anyone needing to protect people and property from this type of attack.
Target Risk: Dealing with the Danger of Death, Disease and Damage in Everyday Decisions
This is a link to the now out print first edition of Target Risk. It introduces the theory of risk homeostasis and posits that efforts to reduce risk through increased safety measures are often futile.
Negotiation with Armed Groups
This manual provides guidance on humanitarian negotiations with non-State armed groups and is intended for use by humanitarian, development and human rights organizations and by humanitarian personnel tasked with conducting these negotiations.
Digital Security and Privacy for Human Rights Defenders
Written with the digital laymen in mind Front Line's guide to digital security and privacy is an excellent resource for humanitarian practitioners.
The Zombie Survival Guide
If you are not prepared for a zombie attack you are not prepared.

Out of the Ordinary - Finding Hidden Threats by Analyzing Unusual Behavior
This RAND paper outlines a method selecting and assembling disparate pieces of information to produce a general understanding of a threat by identifying and analyzing out-of-the-ordinary information.
Out of the Ordinary: Finding Hidden Threats by Analyzing Unusual Behavior
Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents
This handy reference not only covers the basics of blogging but anonymity on the net, censorship, and e-mail security as well. From Reporters Without Borders.
First Aid in Armed Conflicts and other Situations of Violence
The manual covers roles and responsibilities of first aiders, situation and casualty management, mass casualty triage, and post incident support along with the more usual slings and bandages first aid.
Security Privatization: Challenges and Opportunities
This is collection of editorials examining the changing face of private security. Several of the editorials cover various aspects of relationships between PSCs and INGOs.
Are You Ready for an Earthquake?
Are You Ready for an Earthquake?
Although this American Red Cross pamphlet was obviously written with an American audience in mind the advice can be tailored to you local context.
Are You Ready for an Earthquake?
Earthquakes: Basic Survival Rules
Written by Safer Access with the humanitarian aid workers in mind it is more extensive than the ARC document.
Safety Guide for Use of Boats in Relief Work
Another Safer Access guide that outlines the safe use of boats in relief work operations.
Fire Safety Resources
Fire Safety
A collection of fire safety resources from Safer Access. Includes ready to print signs.

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