A Thoughtful, Analytical Approach to NGO Security

NGO Security: Does Gender Matter?
The ‘Global War On Terror’ And Its Implications For NGO Security Management
RedR's seminar report from its GWOT seminar on November 2003
Mainstreaming the Organisational Management of Safety and Security
This HPG report offers a comparative overview of recent aid agency attempts to strengthen the management of safety and security. It is based on consultation with 20 organisations, including NGOs, the Red Cross Movement and UN agencies.
NGO Security: Does Gender Matter?
An examination of the question of how gender impacts security for non-governmental organizations' field staff. Comissioned by Save the Children
No Relief: Surveying the Effects of Gun Violence on Humanitarian and Development Personnel
This report examines the impact small arms availability and misuse has on the work of relief and development agencies. Produced by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue.
Providing aid in insecure environments: trends in policy and operations
An examination of the trends in and causes of violence against aid workers in insecure evironments. © Overseas Development Institute, 2006
This page contains papers, seminar reports, and studies on topics pertaining to an aspect of NGO security. If you know of something that should be added please drop me a line at the address at the bottom of the page.
Humanitarian Action in the New Security Environment: Policy and Operational Implications in Afghanistan
An examination of the extent, causes and implications of the security risk to humanitarian work in Afghanistan.
Humanitarian Action and Private Security Companies
Subtitled "Opening the Debate" this paper is an initial assessment the current trend of NGOs retaining private security companies to provide security for NGO staff and property.
Experienced Advice Crucial in Response to Kidnappings
An excellent overview of matters related to the kidnapping of NGO staff. Crisis Management plans, negotiators, insurance, media plans, and family support are all covered. Written by Bob Macpherson, Christine Persaud, and Norman Sheehan.
NGO Seminar on Civil-Military Relations
This is the final report from the VOICE organized NGO seminar of the same name held in Dec 2007. The three sections of the report cover trends in CivMil policy and practice, NGO operational strategies, and NGO advocacy strategies.

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