A Thoughtful, Analytical Approach to NGO Security

ECHO Generic Security Guide for Humanitarian Organizations
Landmine and ERW Safety Handbook
Staying Alive
Landmine and ERW Safety Handbook
A manual for people working in environments contaminated by landmines and other explosive remnants of war. © United Nations 2005 (2nd Edition)
Generic Security Guide for Humanitarian Organizations
A very comprehensive and user friendly generic security manual for humanitarian organizations. Commissioned by ECHO.
Operational Security Management in Violent Environments
Number 8 in the Good Practice Review series this is a field security manual for aid agencies. This seminal work on humanitarian security was written by Koenraad Van Brabant. © Overseas Development Institute, London, 2000
Protection Manual for Human Rights Defenders
A security guide for human rights workers written by Enrique Eguren and published by Front Line.
Staying Alive
Safety and security guidelines for humanitarian volunteers in conflict areas. Q ICRC,1999 Revised and updated edition, 2005
UN Field Security Handbook
UN Field Security Handbook
The UN's comprehensive field security policy document. If you have a security job with the UN you should already have this but if you can't find it in the UN data labyrinth feel free to search for it here.
UN Security in the Field
This is more accessible than the previous document and is intended as a security primer for all UN staff.
UN Security in the Field Handbook
Stay Safe - The International Federation's Guide for Security Managers
To quote from the introduction, "The security unit has written this manual with the aim of providing maximum usefulness and easy reference to assist managers to establish an effective operational security framework."
Stay Safe - International Federation's Guide to a Safer Mission
Aimed at Red Cross and Red Crescent personnel, this manual together with the guide for security managers (above), provides the necessary tools to implement and maintain a well-functioning security framework when adapted to the specific context.

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