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Vacancy - Security Coordinator - South Sudan and Somalia

Relief International also has a vacant Security Coordinator position for South Sudan and Somalia. Again, the pay is a bit on the low side especially considering the skill and experience needed to work in these areas.

Note: I just post these jobs. I don’t do the recruiting. Read the application directions carefully. Writing to me won’t help you get the job.

JOB TITLE: Security Coordinator: South Sudan & Somalia
LOCATION: Nairobi, Malakal, and Maban with travel to Puntland as security permits
DURATION: 12 months renewable

Relief International (RI) is an international relief and development agency with cross-sectoral programs bridging relief and development, operational in 16 countries.
RI is recruiting an experienced Security Coordinator to manage security in its programmes in south Sudan and Somalia.
Established in January 2007, RI’s Somalia program serves 100,000 beneficiaries with clean water, sanitation, hygiene, health, livelihoods and education services. RI’s Somalia program emphasizes capacity-building of local leadership and grassroots and governmental institutions as a means of combating the effects of war on civic participation and the quality and delivery of basic services. RI maintains two field offices in Puntland, and a regional coordination office in Nairobi.

Since 2006, RI’s South Sudan program in Maban County, Upper Nile State, has served over 60,000 Sudanese with support for the re-development of health, shelter, water, and sanitation services decimated by the 22 year long civil war. RI maintains a field office in Bounj, Maban County and a coordination office in Malakal, the capital of Upper Nile State.

Working in partnership with local staff, the Security Coordinator will be responsible for developing, implementing, and monitoring RI’s safety and security policies and procedures in South Sudan and Somalia, while creating a strong culture of security among all RI staff. They will be responsible for providing security training and capacity building support to teams on the ground as well as responding to security incidents, building security networks in country, and providing other technical support as required.

The post is split between the two countries with 50% of the time allocated to Somalia (managed from Nairobi with trips to Puntland as security permits) and 50% to South Sudan (Malakal and Maban).

• Review and update country security plans on a bi-annual basis
• Undertake situation and security risk assessments on an ongoing basis
• Develop, implement and monitor standard operating procedures
• Develop and regularly review contingency plans for hibernation, relocation and evacuation
• Regularly review alert levels and change as necessary
• Devise innovative strategies for enabling safe programming and access to beneficiaries in insecure environments
• Ensure the participation of relevant local staff in the development and implementation of security policies , procedures and analysis
• Monitor staff compliance with RI security procedures
• Work with Country Directors and Desk Officers to ensure that security assessments, mitigation strategies and costs are included in all new funding proposals
• Provide leadership and guidance on safety and security related matters to local staff
• Create a culture of security awareness
• Oversee mainstreaming of security throughout RI programmes in Somalia and south Sudan
• Using participatory methodologies, deliver regular security awareness and management training to local staff, based on their needs
• Build relationships with local and regional security actors and networks for information sharing and coordination
• Represent RI at local and regional security forums
• Build relationships with local security counterparts for information & coordination
• Monitor the security situation in south Sudan and Somalia, analysing and disseminating information and recommendations
• Ensure country programmes are compliant with RI’s MOSS (currently in development)
• Point of contact for all safety and security related incidents, providing immediate during and post incident support and coordination
• Submission of incident reports
• Post incident analysis and procedural revision where necessary
• Manage travel assessment, sign off and coordination
• Ensure RI offices and guest houses have appropriate protection measures in place
• Manage RI drivers to ensure safe vehicles and driving practices
• Manage guards to ensure high levels of compound security
• Develop and conduct security inductions for all incoming staff
• Provide weekly security briefing to staff and build capacity of local security focal point to do this in their absence
• Provide written weekly security reports to the country office and spot reports/analysis in writing where requested

• A minimum of 3 years international security management experience
• Of this, at least 2 years NGO security management experience
• Experience managing security in insecure environments
• Regional experience essential
• Experience developing and implementing NGO safety and security polices and procedures
• Experience conducting security risk assessments
• Strong assessment and analysis skills
• Ability to provide high quality security training to local staff
• Proven experience of managing and developing local security capability
• Familiar with the challenges of remote management
• Experience managing safety and security incidents
• Demonstrable experience of creating a culture of security awareness
• Demonstrated knowledge of UN, ECHO, MOSS and other standard INGO security frameworks
• Participatory approach to policy and procedure development
• Sensitivity to and understanding of local Islamic culture
• Rational, considered and informed approach to decision-making
• Proven ability to develop effective working relationships with local staff and external stakeholders
• Willingness to travel frequently, often at short notice
• Experience living and working in diverse cultural contexts in a culturally appropriate manner
• Experience living and working in insecure and remote areas
• Ability to work well under pressure in challenging conditions
• Fluency in spoken and written English

• Degree in a security, humanitarian or development-related discipline
• Completion of recognised security management course
• Knowledge of Arabic and / or local Sudanese or Somali language

Duty Station: Nairobi (50%), Malakal (25%), Maban (25%)
Salary: $45,600
Period: 12 months renewable
Post status: This is an unaccompanied post
Reports to: Country Director
Benefits: Flight to and from posting at commencement and cessation of contract; Accommodation and transport provided; Daily living allowance; Travel and medical insurance (including medical evacuation); 6 days R&R for every 6 weeks worked and travel stipend in addition to annual leave

Please send a CV (not more than 3 pages) and a cover letter (not more than 2 pages) explaining how you meet the person specification to hrsecurity@ri.org

Largely unoticed aid worker deaths in Somalia

Somali IDPs near Mogadishu
Somali IDPs near Mogadishu by Abdurrahman Warsameh for ISN Security Watch

Largely overshadowed by an al-Shabaab attack on a UN compound in Wajid and the looting of an MSF office in Jilib is the news of the death of Omar Ali Alasow, an aid worker with Daryeel Bulsho Guud (DBG). Omar was shot dead as he sat outside a DBG office at an IDP camp on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

DBG is paying a high price for its work in Somalia. Last year gunmen killed Mohamed Muhamoud Keyre, DBG’s deputy head. In a separate incident Mohamoud Ahmed, a security guard with DBG, was killed when armed men stormed the DBG office in Mogadishu.

Also largely unnoticed was the beheading of four Somali aid workers by al-Shabaab militants earlier this month. According to an ICC report Fatima Sultan, Ali Ma'ow, Sheik Mohammed Abdi, and Maaddey Diil were killed some time after being abducted from the town of Merca on 27 July. According to an eyewitness account the militants beheaded the four after they refused to convert back to Islam.

All four worked with a local NGO that cared for orphaned children.

Aid workers released in Somalia and Chad

Some good news for a change:

Six foreigners kidnapped in Somalia in November of last year have been released according to this AlertNet report. Four were aid workers with Action Contre La Faim (ACF) while the other two were the Kenyan pilots who had flown them in to Somalia.

Meanwhile MSF indicates that one of its staff members, missing since 4 August, returned safely last Friday. Unfortunately the international staff member is still being held by an unidentified armed group.

Red Crescent aid worker killed in Somali crossfire

ICRC is reporting that an aid worker with the Somali Red Crescent Society was killed in the centre of Mogadishu on 21 July, 2009.

According to ICRC, "Farah Aden Mo'allim was travelling in a public transport vehicle when he was caught in crossfire and hit by a stray bullet. He died instantly, before he could be taken to the nearest hospital."


Al-Shabaab's NGO liaison office announces closure of UN offices in Somalia

It seems that Al-Ahabaab has an NGO liaison office. No... really! I’m not kidding. The official communication below announces the formation of the “Office for Supervising the Affairs of Foreign Agencies”. It also announces the closure of UNDP, UNDSS, and UNOPS offices in al-Shabaab controlled areas of Somalia.

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

al-Shabaab logo

Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen
Department of Political Affairs and Regional Administrations

Date 27/07/1430H- 20/07/2009.

Press release on behalf of the Department of Political Affairs and Regional Administrations regarding the status of the various NGOs and foreign agencies operating in Somalia.

1. This is the official announcement of the establishment of The Office for Supervising the Affairs of Foreign Agencies. This office has been set up to coordinate all dealings with NGOs and foreign agencies and to fully monitor them.

It is mandatory upon all NGOs and foreign agencies operating in Somalia to immediately contact The Office for Supervising the Affairs of Foreign Agencies in their area. They must contact the Administration of the area that they are currently operating in and they will give out the address for the new office. The NGOs and foreign agencies will be informed of the conditions and restrictions on their work and on how their work may continue. Any NGO or foreign agency found to be working with an agenda against the Somali Muslim population and/or against the establishment of an Islamic State will be immediately closed and dealt with according to the evidence found.

2. As of (20/7/2009), a number of NGOs and foreign agencies currently operating in Somalia will be completely closed down and considered enemies of Islam and Muslims. The current list is as follows:


This decision was finally concluded after thorough research and due to an ongoing investigation into the actions and motives of many of the NGOs and foreign agencies currently in operation. The above foreign agencies have been found to be working against the benefits of the Somali Muslim population and against the establishment of an Islamic State in Somalia. Some of the findings include evidence of training and support for the apostate goverment and the training of its troops. The research also found material support being given to the apostate militias in the border regions in hopes of destabilizing the regions and disrupting the safety and security that the Islamic administrations of those regions have accomplished by the permission of Allah. On top of that, it has not been hidden that over $250 million dollars have been gathered in Brussels on April 23, 2009 from various infidel countries and donors for the crusader Amisom troops to continue their mission of oppression and massacre of the Somali Muslim people.

Previously, CARE and IMC, two American agencies, were closed down as evidence was found of participation in activities against Islam. Proof was uncovered of spying for and aiding the intelligence agencies of the enemies of Islam. In addition, as it is well known, those agencies assisted in the assassination of Sheikh Maalim Adam ‘Aayro.

Allah is our Protector and our Sustainer.
Department of Political Affairs and Regional Administrations

Somali gunmen kidnap three aid workers in Kenya

Three aid workers — an American, a Pakistani, and a Mozambican — were kidnapped by armed men in Kenya’s border town of Mandera on Friday night. The gunmen reportedly seized the trio from an NGO run guest house where they were watching television with seven other expatriates. The victims were forced into a Land Cruiser and driven across the border into Somalia.

A ‘security guard’ cum ‘private tour guide’ was seriously injured during the incident.

Al Shabaab, the anti-government Islamic fundamentalist group that is holding two kidnapped French security officials, denied involvement in the incident calling it a “cowardly act” before pointing the finger at rival fundamentalist group Hizbul Islam. Al Shabaab’s promise to assist in locating the kidnapped aid workers is far from reassuring, however. It seems that Hizbul Islam, the original kidnappers of the French security officials, turned the pair over to Al Shabaab in order ‘to avert bloodshed’. In turn Al Shabaab has announced that they will try the Frenchmen under Shariah.

Al Shabaab ‘assistance’ in locating the kidnapped aid workers might best be avoided.

Vacancy - Regional Security Advisor - Kenya/Somalia

NRC is looking for a Regional Security Advisor to support its humanitarian operations in Kenya and Somalia.

Gunmen kill two more aid workers in Somalia

On 10 April, unidentified gunmen murdered two aid workers and their driver in a government controlled near Somalia’s Ethiopian border.

The gunmen killed the head of the Juba Community Care relief group, a colleague, and their driver as they were leaving town in their vehicle.

"Unidentified gunmen opened fire on their car as soon as they left for a trip to conduct surveys," Dahir Mohamed, one of their colleagues, said by phone from the region."We don't know who is behind the attack and the gunmen escaped after they killed the men," local elder Hasan Haji Idris said.

As with most attacks on aid workers in Somalia no group has claimed responsibility for the incident and the motive is unclear.

Source: Two Somali aid workers and their driver shot dead

Third WFP aid worker killed in Somalia

Update/Correction: Although Ahmed Hussein was previously a WFP contractor he was not working for WFP at the time of his death and had not done so for some time.

On 19 March, an aid worker with the UN's World Food Program (WFP) was killed in Mogadishu, Somalia according to a local radio station. Ahmed Hussein "Gesey" was shot in the head by unidentified gunmen while driving his vehicle in the Yaaqshiid district of Somalia’s capitol.

Ahmed Hussein is the third WFP staffer to be killed in Somalia this year. Ibrahim Hussein Duale was assassinated by gunmen near Garbahare on 6 January. On 8 January Mohamud Omar Moallim was shot by unidentified gunmen while distributing food to displaced people at Daynile, 6 miles north west of Mogadishu.

For other aid worker deaths this year see the Aid Worker Fatalities 2009 map.

Four UN staff kidnapped in Somalia

Update - Al Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Muktar Robow Mansoor is claiming that all four kidnapped staff have been released and are “... with me with their luggage and we are going to hand over the U.N. officers soon. They are free now.”

On 16 March gunmen kidnapped four UN aid workers in Wajid, Somalia. The UN staffers were preparing to fly from Wajid airport when they were seized. The presence of armed escorts did not deter the kidnappers. No shots were fired.

The kidnapped staff included one Azerbaijani and one Ghanian, both with UNDP, one French staff member of WFP, and a Somali from the UN Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS).

Kidnappings of aid workers and journalists are common in Somalia. Although many victims are released unharmed after the payment of ransom the process can drag on for months. A Canadian journalist and an Australian photographer abducted last August are still being held. Four aid workers with Action Contre la Faim and two Kenyan pilots have been held since November.

Foreign aid workers travelling to Somalia should ensure their financial affairs are in order and their families understand their wishes in the event they are kidnapped.

Somalia: Unknown Gunmen Kidnap UN Aid Workers
hawiye gunmen kidnap UN aid workers

Aid worker attacked by gunmen in Somalia

On 19 February 2009 gunmen attacked a Somali aid worker in Afgoye near Mogadishu, killing one security guard.

The armed men attacked the home of Mohamed Hassan Orow, the head of a local NGO, sparking a fire-fight with his private security guards.

Two bystanders were reportedly injured in the incident.

Employees of humanitarian organizations are regularly the target of attacks in Somalia. Most NGO’s have resorted to using private security guards.

Links for 2/19/2009

UN on alert ahead of Beshir arrest warrant decision - Unfortunate quote, “UNAMID spokesman Noureddine Mezni was unapologetic about the contingency planning.” Hmmm... need we ever be apologetic about contingency planning?

Italian nuns freed after kidnap by Somalis - Some good news for a change.

Security forces raid office, intimidate staff of NGO that reports on human rights abuses - Thai military forces NGO staff to reveal confidential information on victims of human rights abuses.

Sri Lanka to probe NGO activities - Having been directly involved in a previous Sri Lankan government inquiry into NGO activities I think the term ‘witch hunt’ is entirely appropriate.

Vacancy - Security Guard Force Manager - Somalia

UNDP has a vacancy for a security guard force manager in Hargeisa, Somalia.

More details.

Somali 'Green Zone' won't improve aid worker security

AU soldiers guard port in Mogadishu
Photo by David Axe Some rights reserved.

A couple of days ago Peter at The Road to the Horizon asked me what I thought of the proposal by the UN envoy to Somalia for a Baghdad-style Green Zone in Somalia. Since I don’t know all the reasons the UN might want a green zone I’ll stick to the question of whether or not a green zone type base would enhance aid worker security in Somalia.

So do I think a Somali green zone could make humanitarian staff safer? No, at least not appreciably so and certainly not cost effectively.

Here is why:

Soldiers required: A Somali green zone would require competent armed troops to protect the perimeter and man the gates. Who would do this? The Somali army is virtually non-existent and lets face it, foreign troops aren’t exactly welcomed with open arms in Somalia. Even if a troop-contributing nation could be found there would still be the issue of feeding the perception of a link between military forces and humanitarian assistance.

Attack magnet: A green zone would become a magnet for attacks just as the original Green Zone was. Even if groups like al-Shabab decided to give up attacks on aid workers they are still going to attack the soldiers manning the facility. Every deluded suicide bomber and wannabe Jihadist would be drawn to this symbolic target.

Exclusivity: It won’t protect Somali aid workers who do most of the direct implementation. After a long day of work in the field they’ll still be returning to their family homes… outside the green zone.

It won’t protect field staff: Ibrahim Hussein Duale and Mohamud Omar Moallim were both killed while they were working in the field. A green zone wouldn’t have saved them. Nor would it protect any other staff going to do actual implementation in the local communities.

It will be a prison: While a green zone might provide some protection to international mangers and such but they will still be almost as cut off from the ground reality of Somalia as they are now in Nairobi.

Culturally inappropriate security: A green zone would not do anything to increase local acceptance of foreign aid organizations. In order for NGO security measures not to risk reducing acceptance they need to be culturally and socially appropriate for the local context. Giant HESCO Bastion barriers are just not part of Somali culture tradition.

It’s a money sink: The problem with protective security measures is that they quickly become obsolete in the presence of a determined attacker. Build thicker blast walls and they will build bigger car bombs. Each escalation requires more spending on security measures.

All in all I think a green zone would isolate and reduce the acceptance of international aid staff, blur the line between military and humanitarian response, waste money and do nothing to make aid workers safer.

Gunmen kill second WFP aid worker in Somalia

On 8 January 2009 gunmen killed a UN World Food Programme (WFP) worker as his team distributed aid in Daynile 10 kms north of Mogadishu. The unidentified aid worker was the second WFP staff member murdered since the beginning of the new year. The gunmen also stole the victim’s vehicle after taking weapons from his bodyguards.

WFP food monitor Ibrahim Hussein Duale was shot dead on Tuesday by masked gunmen at a school near Garbahare.

Gunmen kill WFP aid worker in Somalia

Vacancy - NGO Security Training Officer - Kenya/Somalia

Job Ref: SOM/EX0068

CARE Somalia/South Sudan is an International NGO working in Somalia and South Sudan. CARE and its partners work with vulnerable communities to address the underlying causes of poverty and promote peace and development, through its strategic goal to reduce poverty by empowering women, enhancing access to resources and services, and improving governance.

CARE is looking for a suitable candidate to fill the position of National Training Officer (NTO) for its NGO Security Preparedness and Support (NGO-SPAS) Program. The position will oversee delivery of training to NGOs, security report writing, liaisons with appropriate authorities, NGO project facilitation through the provision of security related training, NGO safety/security training development, and any other tasked deemed relevant with a safety and security context.

Job Summary
Reporting to the Training Manager (TM), the National Training Officer will act as the NGO SPAS national security training focal point, conduct surveys regarding the security preparedness of NGOs operating in Somalia & Somaliland as well as surveys of NGOs security training requirements in Somalia & Somaliland.

The incumbent of this position will develop and deliver detailed security training packages tailored to the needs of NGOs operating in Somalia & Somaliland and all other trainings as required by the training Manager and or the program manager which shall include, generic national focused defensive driver training packages, basic communications training packages, generic basic emergency first responder training packages, basic duties of a guard force.

H/She will develop generic security standard operating procedures for implementation by NGO's, act as a security officer as and when required as well and Manage all training equipment and stores as required.

Key Competencies

* Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to clearly convey information;
* Team player;
* Strong planning, organizing and coordinating abilities;
* Good analytical skills;
* Proactive, innovative and able to initiate action

Required skills and qualifications

* Bachelors Degree in personnel Management or related field;
* Security/Safety training;
* 2 years of experience in a Security/Safety training environment;
* 2 years of experience in a Humanitarian or Civil Emergency services;
* Proven presentation and facilitator skills;
* Proficient computer skills;
* Fluency in written and spoken English and Somali languages;
* Ability to work under minimal supervision and high level of flexibility;
* Ability to establish training requirement and detailed training matrix

This position is based in the Nairobi office with 40% travel to the field offices. Closing date for applications is: 21st January 2009. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted by: 4th February 2009.

Applications/CV with daytime telephone contacts and three referees should be sent to:

The Human Resources Officer,
CARE Somalia/South Sudan,
P.O. Box 2039, 00202 Nairobi.
Email: hr @ ci.or.ke

CARE is an Equal Opportunity Employer, promoting gender, equity and diversity and women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply!

Vacancy - Somalia Security Coordinator - Kenya/Somalia

SPAS Somalia Safety Coordinator (2 POSITIONS)- Job Ref: SOM/EX0067

CARE Somalia/South Sudan is an International NGO working in Somalia and South Sudan. CARE and its partners work with vulnerable communities to address the underlying causes of poverty and promote peace and development, through its strategic goal to reduce poverty by empowering women, enhancing access to resources and services, and improving governance.

CARE is looking for suitable candidates to fill the two positions of Somalia Safety Coordinator (SSC) for the Northern and Southern Somalia region for its NGO Security Preparedness and Support (NGO-SPAS) Program. These positions will oversee security report writing, liaisons with appropriate authorities, NGO project facilitation through the provision of security related advice, NGO safety/ security development, and any other tasked deemed relevant with a safety and security context..

Job Summary
Reporting to the Operations Coordinator (OP), the Somalia Safety Coordinators will manage field staff in multiple locations within Somalia and Kenya; collect and analyze a wide range of security information on Somalia as well as provide security advice and updates to NGO Consortium members and other humanitarian actors within the Somalia context.

The incumbent of this position will also Provide CARE, NGO Consortium members and non consortium NGOs with travel-related security advice, generate both periodical as well as ad hoc reports and present security briefings to the aid community at regular intervals

The SSC will carry out regular site visits and assessments on request from NGOs and other international actors as appropriate, advise, organize and facilitate staff relocations and or evacuations in emergency situations and or staff in critical medical conditions, monitor
daily media from Somalia, Somaiiland, Puntland and international media in order to obtain security related information; translate and distribute as required.

H/She will also liaise as directed with members of the NGO Consortium, government officials and all other relevant leaders and stakeholders in Somalia, Somaliland and Puntland in order to exchange security related information

Key Competencies

* Strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to clearly convey information;
* Strategic decision making abilities with strong political acumen
* Team player;
* Strong planning, organizing and coordinating abilities;
* Good analytical skills;
* Proactive, innovative and able to initiate action
* Required skills and qualifications
* Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field. Training in security management and or previous experience as a journalist would be an added advantage;
* 3 years of experience in a Security management, project management and or journalistic environment;
* Good investigative and reporting skills;
* Good understanding of Somalia environment;
* Fluency in written and spoken English and Somali languages;
* Ability to work with limited supervision;
* Ability to establish trends and make projections and posses high investigative skills

This position is based in the Nairobi office with 40% travel to the field offices. Closing date for applications is: 21st January 2009.

The shortlisted candidates will be contacted by: 4th February 2009

Applications/CV with daytime telephone contacts and three referees should be sent to:

The Human Resources Officer
CARE Somalia/South Sudan
P.O. Box 2039, 00202 Nairobi
Email: hr @ ci.or.ke

CARE is an Equal Opportunity Employer, promoting gender, equity and diversity and women candidates are strongly encouraged to apply!

Aid worker killed in Somalia

It’s only the sixth day of the new year and already we have this disturbing report of the death of an aid worker colleague in Somalia.

According to WFP:

Three masked gunmen shot and killed 44-year-old Somali national Ibrahim Hussein Duale, while he was monitoring school feeding in a WFP-supported school in Yubsan village six kilometres from the Gedo region capital of Garbahare. Witnesses say the gunmen approached him while he was seated, ordered him to stand up and then shot him.

WFP Statement
Aid worker killed in Somalia

Somali ICRC guard killed in shooting incident

On Saturday, 13 December, a Somali security guard working for ICRC was killed in a shooting incident in Mogadishu. An ICRC staff member and a driver were apparently temporarily detained by TFG police but were later released.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are unclear.

ICRC guard killed in Mogadishu shooting incident

Somali Piracy is just a Symptom

Somali pirates have grabbed a lot of media attention lately and understandably so. Pirates make for an easy way to write about Somalia. There is little need for journalists to face the risks of travel in Somalia. They can write from the safety of Nairobi. There is no need for long complex explanations of fractured social systems, failed international interventions, war crimes, acute malnutrition, or clan and factional politics. It’s just nice clean swashbuckling pirate fun.

This Listening Post episode from AlJazeera does a good job of moving beyond the media hype. It is well worth the download time. Take special note of the comments by the International Crisis Group spokesman and those of Lynne Fredriksson of Amnesty International.

To paraphrase Lynne the Somali pirates are merely the symptom. The disease is the situation in Somalia itself. Which begs the question; do we treat the symptom or the disease?

Vacancy - Security Officer - Somalia

IMC has a vacancy for a Security Officer in Somalia. If any country needs good NGO security officers at the moment it is Somalia.

For details on this and other IMC jobs check out their Employment Opportunities.

Gunmen Kill Mercy Corps Staffer in Somalia

On 8 November gunmen shot dead a Somali aid worker in southern Somalia. Mohamud Mohamed Osman “Sakow” of Mercy Corps was assassinated while walking to his house in Jamame, north of Kismayu.

Read more:
Somalia: Aid worker killed in Somalia
Hawiye jehadist al shabaab killed today Aid worker in shabelle region Somalia
Gunmen kill another aid worker in south Somalia

Somali Gunmen Kidnap Aid Workers on Airstrip

Somali gunmen have kidnapped a group of aid workers from an airstrip in central Somalia.

Updated: Video From Hargeisa Attacks

Thanks to noodlepie for sending the link to this video of the aftermath of the suicide attacks in Hargeisa.

Warning: Some of the footage is graphic. Don’t watch it if you find coverage of victims of violence exploitive.

More video showing the UNDP compound.

Updated: Suicide Attacks on UNDP and Horn Relief in Somalia

Update: New information suggests three killed and eight injured at UNDP compound.

A UNDP compound has been struck by a suicide bomb attack in what seems to be a series of co-ordinated suicide attacks across northern Somalia. Initial reports suggest that at least one UN staff member and a security guard were killed.

It appears that Horn Relief, an NGO working in the horn of Africa may also have been hit in the attacks.

Suicide bombers in Somalia strike UN compound

Somali Aid Worker Murdered

A female aid worker was gunned down by unknown assailants on 25 October near the Somali town of Gurilel. Duniya Sheik Daud worked for Iida, a group that campaigns for women's rights and against female genital mutilation.

more: Another aid worker killed in Somalia

WFP Staffer Murdered in Somalia

Gunmen killed a WFP staffer on Friday. Abdinasir Adan Muse was murdered as he left a local mosque after evening prayers. The incident occurred in Merka, about 80 kilometres south-west of Mogadishu.

Read more:
Official says gunmen kill a Somali UN aid worker
UN aid worker gunned down in Somalia - AFP

WHO Aid Worker Wounded by Somali Gunmen

Gunmen shot and seriously wounded Osmail Moalim Ahmed, an official with WHO, on Sunday 27 July 2008. The attackers shot him five times in the chest before taking his car. Osmail was running the Polio Vaccination Campaign in Dinsor, southern Somalia.

UN aid worker injured in S Somalia
WHO aid worker seriously wounded by Somali gunmen

Vacancy - NGO Staff and Program Security Advisor - Somalia

CARE has a vacant position for an NGO security advisor to support its operations in Somalia. The position will be based in Kenya. Follow the link to apply.

Gunmen Kill Aid Workers in Somalia

On 11 July gunmen shot and killed Mohamed Muhamoud Keyre, the deputy head of Mogadishu-based, German-funded Daryeel Bulsho Guud (DBG). DBG reported that he had been gunned down as he was performing ablutions at a Mosque at Elasha Biyaha, Mogadishu.

In a separate incident gunmen seriously wounded Ali Bashi, who heads Mogadishu-based charity group, SORDA. Ali Bashi was attacked while distributing food to internally displaced people in Taredishe camp 13 kilometres south of Mogadishu.

Meanwhile, in southern Somalia, gunmen shot and killed a WFP-contracted driver. Ahmed Saali was killed in fighting between convoy escorts and militiamen at a checkpoint in Lower Shabelle region on Monday.

Somali aid worker killed near Mogadishu, another wounded
Somali aid worker killed by gunmen

UNDP Head Assassinated in Mogadishu, Somalia

Osman Ali Ahmed, head of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) office in Mogadishu, was assassinated by gunmen as he returned home from evening prayers. The gunmen shot him six times at close range. His younger brother was also fatally wounded in the incident.

Gunmen kill senior U.N.official in Mogadishu

Gunmen Seize Aid Workers in Somalia (update 2)

Gunmen have reportedly seized aid worker Mohamoud Abdi Adan while he was travelling to Mogadishu from Merka. Mohamoud is a local co-ordinator for Water for Life.

Reuters is reporting that a female staff member was taken in the same incident.

Somali gunmen kidnap workers with Italian charity

Update 2 July - Reports now suggest that at least four Water for Life staff may have been kidnapped. See Aid Worker Killed, at Least 4 Kidnapped Near Somali Capital for more info.

Aid Worker Killed in Somalia

On 30 June, unidentified gunmen kidnapped and later killed Siyad Orow, a Somali aid worker in Mogadishu. Siyad Orow was the head of ASAL, a local implementing partner for WFP.

Gunmen kill aid worker in Mogadishu: officials

Two UN Mine Action Program Staff Abducted/Released in Somalia

Somali gunmen seized then quickly released two Scandinavian UN Mine Action Program staff over the weekend. The gunmen kidnapped the pair and a local IMC translator when they stormed the IMC compound in Hudur, Somalia.

Noefolk Nelson and Ulf Felink were released on Saturday hours after they taken. A Somali translator was also released.

Four foreign aid workers, two Italians, a Kenyan and a Briton, abducted in April and May, are still being held by gunmen in Somalia.

U.N. says Somali gunmen release two of its workers
Abducted Scandinavian UN workers released by Somali gunmen (Roundup)

Somali gunmen kidnap senior UN aid worker

On 21 June Somali gunmen reportedly seized the head of the UNHCR office in Mogadishu, Somalia. Ten men raided the house of Hassan Mohamed Ali in Elasha, south of the capital on Saturday, according to witnesses.

Reuters Africa
Yahoo News

Armed Men Abduct Aid Worker in Somalia

According to Mareeg Online a local representative of CARE International in Somalia was kidnapped in Galguduud Region on Saturday night. According to a member of the Ceel Dheer administration heavily armed men were seen taking the CARE staff member away.

Mareeg online reports that the staff member had received telephone threats prior to the incident.

Somalia: Unidentified men abduct aid worker in central Somalia

Gunmen Kill WFP Driver in Somalia

Gunmen have killed a World Food Programme contracted driver in southern Somalia. Hassan Abdi was taking food aid from Mogadishu to the Bay and Bakool regions when he was attacked near Leego village early on 12 June 2008.

Abdi was the third WFP-contracted driver to be killed in Somalia this year.

WFP says gunmen kill driver in Somalia

Gunmen kill senior aid worker, driver in Mogadishu

Mohamed Abdulle Mahdi, the head of the Woman and Child Care aid agency (WOCCA), was killed by unidentified gunmen in Somalia on Wednesday 11 June 2008.

The gunmen opened fire on Mahdi’s car as he was travelling through the Suqbad neighborhood of Mogadishu. Mahdi’s driver was also killed in the incident.

Gunmen kill humanitarian chief, driver in Mogadishu: aid worker
Top Somali aid worker shot dead

Afghanistan Maps

If you need a little cartographic assistance to help you make sense of Afghanistan, Somalia, or world wide opium production, you should check out the Senlis Council’s map page. The maps also make great orientation graphics for senior level decision makers, VIP visitors, and others with short attention spans.

Vacancy - UN Field Security Officer - Bossaso Somalia

UNICEF Somalia has a position available for a Field Security Officer in Bossaso, NEZ, Somalia.

Title: Field Security Officer
Category and Grade Level: L-3
Type of Contract: Temporary Fixed Term – 1 Year
Organization Unit: Operations
Duty Station: UNICEF Bossaso, North East Zone (NEZ), Somalia
Date of Issue: 26 May 2008
Closing date of Application: 09 June 2008

Qualified applicants are invited to apply for the position of Field Security Officer, based in Bossaso, NEZ, Somalia. The successful candidate will be offered a Temporary Fixed Term Appointment for 1year. Further extensions will be based on organization needs, funding availability, and satisfactory performance.

Purpose of the Post:

The Field Security Officer (FSO) is responsible for all aspects of security management, crisis readiness and preparedness at his/her respective duty station. He/she serves as an advisor and assists the office staff in the execution of their security responsibilities at the assigned duty station. The FSO is accountable to the UNICEF Representative. Under the general supervision of the Chief Operations, the Field Security Advisor (FSA) has the responsibility for the day-to-day management of the FSO, on substantive matters. The FSO will report on security issues to the FSA and the Chief Operations in times of emergency, the FSO may report directly to The Representative, the UNICEF Regional Security Advisor or the UNICEF Security Coordinator.

Major duties and responsibilities:

- Analyse security factors and levels of risk related to safety of UNICEF staff and their dependents in Puntland (NEZ) and Somaliland (NWZ) and make written recommendations for improvements in both physical safety and operational security in accordance with established MOSS standards and decisions taken by the SMT/ASMT. Follow up on these recommendations to ensure their implementation.

- Coordinate all security aspects of operational/programme planning and contingency responses with the designated UNICEF FSA in Main Office (Nairobi) and in liaison with the UNDSS Somalia FSCOs based in Puntland and Somaliland to ensure highest degree of MOSS compliance, enabling programme access to various areas and ensure staff safety.

- In consultation with UNDSS FSCOs, provide advice and guidance to the UNICEF Chief of Field Office in NEZ and NWZ for participation at ASMT meetings and staff management meetings

- In line with UNICEF specific security strategies and operational procedures assist the FSA to establish and continuously update contingency/evacuation plans and SOPs for all offices i in coordination with the wider UN security plans for Somalia.

- Provide/coordinate security advice and training to all staff in radio communication procedures, convoy procedures, security awareness, mines/explosives identification and procedures to be followed, stress management, first aid, management of guard units, safeguarding of property, identification of security material and equipment required in compounds, evacuation procedures. This training should complement the training staff members receive under the SSAFE-SOM training programme.

- Forward weekly SITREPs and SIRs on occurrence to the FSA to inform the office of developments within the NEZ and NWZ

- Perform any other relevant duties as required

Qualifications, experience and key competences:

- Advanced university degree in Social Sciences or a related technical field like a military or police academy degree would be an asset. Relevant military or police training courses showing career progression with emphasis on operational planning and communication skills, combined with significant practical operational and UN experience would be of great advantage but not essential.

- A minimum of five (5) years of progressively responsible experience in security management, preferably in a police/military context or with considerable UN field mission experience. The applicant’s experience should demonstrate capabilities which should include the ability to conduct planning and operate under extreme stress, a demonstration of high level of leadership and capability of rapid decision-making (with little margin of error). A high degree of physical fitness would be required.

- Fluency in English required. Knowledge of another UN language would be an asset but not essential.

- Knowledge of the local working language of the duty station is an asset.

- Excellent knowledge of security management combined with solid background of military or other security specialization and some political and social knowledge of country of assignment. Practical experience is deemed of higher importance to educational qualifications;

- Ability to effectively deal with stress factor when encountered in security management;

- Good technical skills to understand and consolidate the varying specializations such as electronics, communications, mechanics, explosives and other sophisticated devices encountered in security system management.

- Good communication skills, both oral and written.
- Technology awareness
- Good computer skills
- Teamwork
- Good interpersonal skills
- Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with mission directors, security officers in other agencies, specialists in other fields related to security, representatives of local and national governments and the non-government community, with sensitivity and respect for diversity.
- Leadership - Demonstrated leadership skills; ability to make quick decisions in emergencies or when rapid response is required.
- Demonstrated ability to work in a multi-cultural environment and establish harmonious and effective working relationships both within and outside the organization.

Please note that documents submitted along with your applications will not be returned. Ensure you send copies of your testimonials.

Only short-listed applicants will be acknowledged


Vacancies Contact
Interested and qualified candidates should send their applications with updated UN Personal History Form (P.11), updated CV, copies of academic certificates to the following addresses. UN staff are requested to provide last to Performance Evaluation Reports (PERs). Please quote the vacancy number in your applications
Human Resources Specialist
Vacancy Number 2008/053
Nairobi, Kenya
Or email to: somaliahrvacancies@unicef.org

Three Aid Workers Kidnapped in Somalia

Three aid workers from Cooperazione Italiana Nord Sud were kidnapped by gunmen on 21 May in the Lower Shabelle region of Somalia. Two Italians, one male and one female, and a male Somali colleague were kidnapped early in the morning in the village of Awdhegle.

Two Italians among three aid workers kidnapped in Somalia: officials
Somali gunmen kidnap two Italian aid workers-officials
Witness: Somali gunmen seize 2 Italian aid workers

Gunmen Kill Aid Worker in Southern Somalia

The director of the Somali aid organization Horn Relief was killed by masked gunmen as he arrived at his house in Kismayo, Somalia late Saturday. According to village elders the reason for the killing of Ahmed Bariyow was not readily apparent.

The killing comes as central Somalia enters a humanitarian emergency amid fears of a full blown famine.

Press TV: Somali aid organizer shot dead.

Aid Vessel Hijacked near Somalia

A Jordanian vessel carrying 4,000 tonnes of sugar donated by Denmark was seized by pirates off the coast of Somalia on 17 May.

The Indian Ocean near Somalia has one of the highest piracy rates in the world. At least twelve ships have been attacked this year. Vessels carrying aid shipments are easy and lucrative targets for the pirates who ply the Somalia coastline.

Another WFP contracted driver killed in Somalia

On 7 May another WFP contracted driver was killed by militiamen at an illegal checkpoint in Somalia. The incident occurred when 12 WFP contracted trucks were stopped at gunpoint at a checkpoint 30 km north of Galkayo. The driver was injured and later died when a gunman opened fire on the trucks.

A similar incident occurred on 13 February when the leader of a WFP contracted aid convoy was shot and killed by militia in southern Somalia.

Vacancy - Field Security Advisor - Kenya/Somalia

UNDP is looking for a field security advisor for Somalia. The current duty station is listed as Kenya but you'll be expected to relocate to Somalia when the security situation permits.

Urgent Vacancy - Security Consultant for Short Assessment Mission - Somalia

The Emergencies Department of Save the Children UK is urgently seeking an experienced Security Consultant for a field assessment mission in Somalia. If you are interested or if you believe you know someone who is interested, please contact David Wightwick for more information.

Aid Worker Kidnapped in Solmalia Freed

According to this AlertNet report the GAA aid worker who was kidnapped yesterday in Somalia was freed by security forces.

Aid Worker Kidnapped in Somalia

According to his colleagues a German aid worker of German Agro Action (Deutsche Welthungerhilfe) was kidnapped by armed gunmen in Era Gabo, Somaliland. Daniel Bronkal was apparently taken during an ambush on the GAA vehicle. The driver, who sustained injuries during the attack, and a fellow aid worker avoided capture in the confusion.

Although it the motivation for the kidnapping is not clear at this point the area has experienced a spate of criminal kidnappings for ransom. In January two MSF Spain staff were released by their kidnappers after being held for a week.

more from AlertNet

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