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UNRWA contractor killed in Gaza

On 8 January a civilian contractor for the UN Palestinian Refugees Agency (UNRWA) was reportedly killed when a UN convoy on its way to pick up relief supplies was hit by two tank shells in northern Gaza on Thursday according to a UN spokesman. Two other contractors were injured.

The convoy was reported to have been co-ordinated with the Israeli military and occurred during the three hour cease fire scheduled to last from 1pm (11:00 GMT) to 4pm (14:00 GMT) at the Erez crossing.

The Israeli army says it is investigating the incident.

more: Israel fires on UN Gaza convoy

Second (?) aid worker killed in Gaza

On 6 January, Mohammed Ibrahim Samouni, a Palestinian aid worker, was killed in an aerial bombing in Gaza. One of his six children was also critically injured in the incident.

Mr Samouni worked at a food packing station managed by CARE's General Union of Palestinian Peasants in support of CARE's Gaza Fresh Food Project.

More on Mr Samouni’s death: Worker for CARE's food distribution project killed in Gaza and Violence halts most of CARE's aid distribution in Gaza Strip

Mr Samouni may have the dubious distinction of being the second aid worker killed in the recent round of fighting in Gaza. Then again he might not.

The IFRC, is reporting that a Palestinian Red Crescent Society volunteer, Arafa Abdul Dayem, was killed while on duty, after an air strike hit the Al Salheen in Jabaliya. It sounds similar to the earlier incident reported by Oxfam. A different incident location, Beit Lahiya, was given but OpenStreetMap shows both locations in close proximity so I’m thinking its the same incident.

To make matters even more confused IPS quotes a spokesman for Gaza's Shifa Hospital as saying, “One Palestinian doctor and three medics have been killed during Israel's bombing campaign...”.

View Larger Map

On a related note Mikel Maron and volunteers are working on a Gaza OpenStreetMap update. If you know Gaza reasonably well but are fortunate enough to be in the relative safety of some place else you might want to give them your help. Good maps will help the relief effort and improve the safety and security of aid workers in Gaza.

Oxfam Funded Paramedic Killed in Gaza

According to an Oxfam statement a paramedic working for an Oxfam funded organization, Union of Health Work Committees, has been killed in the fighting in Gaza. The health care worker was killed when an errant shell hit his ambulance. Another paramedic and the ambulance driver were injured in the same incident.

The ambulance team was trying to evacuate an injured person in the Beit Lahiya area of Gaza.

Vacancy - NGO Security Advisor - Gaza

CARE has a position for an NGO Security Advisor/Project Manager for Gaza.

Vacancy - Close Protection Officer - Gaza

United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) is looking for a Close Protection Officer.

Vacancy - NGO Security Coordinator/Program Manager - Gaza

CARE is looking for an NGO Security Coordinator/Project Manager for West Bank Gaza. This position at the leading edge of NGO security. Its not a position for the faint of heart but the successful applicant will have the opportunity to shape the future of NGO security in Gaza. You'll lead a small security team in collecting, analyzing and disseminating security information with the intent of allowing local and international NGOs to continue to operate in a fluid and challenging environment.

If you want an easy job look somewhere else. If you want to shape the future of NGO security apply here: NGO Security Coordinator/Project Manager

Deja Vu in Gaza

OK, I'm dating myself here but I find the the scenes on the Gaza - Egypt border very reminiscent of the exodus from East Berlin after the Berlin Wall came down. This is a very interesting development.

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