A Thoughtful, Analytical Approach to NGO Security

Twitter in Tehran

I'm in ur ballot box, rigging ur results

For more of Rob Cottingham’s wry Canadian humour check out Noise to Signal. Be sure to check out his blog at Social Signal as well.

Aid-worker, show me your visa!

Trunk Monkey Security System

Thanks to Sources and Methods for pointing out the Trunk Monkey Vehicle Security System. Hopefully they'll develop a ruggedized version for NGO use. Just imagine how useful it could be at militia checkpoints or when the police want to search your vehicle for the fifth time that day.

For more about Trunk Monkey go to trunkmonkey.com.

Googling Dangers

Dangers indexed by Google result
xkcd's take on assessing risk with Google. Try it with your own dangers.

Saturday Morning Security

Dogbert the security consultant has some great free security advice here and here.

Tired of the staid and uninspired design of security related products? Check out Glambo’s alternatives.

Sucking Chest Wound BearGood Luck Bear Body Armor

Other Stuff

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