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Vacancy - Security Advisor (ELECT Project) - Afghanistan

UNDP Afghanistan is looking for a Security Advisor for the ELECT project in Afghanistan. The position closes on 15 July 2009.

Reporting to the Chief of Operations ELECT, the Security Advisor ELECT performs the following duties:

Threat and Risk Assessment:
  • Conducts threat and risk assessments of operations in the districts and regions where UNDP ELECT staff work and identifies and implements appropriate risk mitigation measures;
  • Assists and provides UNDP ELECT specific inputs to the Department of Safety and Security Chief Security Advisor (DSS CSA), while reviewing and updating the country threat and risk assessment.
  • Formulation of the Security Plan:
  • Formulates a security plan for UNDP ELECT;
  • Provides inputs and assisting the CSA establishing, maintaining and updating the country specific security plan and contingency plans in accordance with the UN Field Security Handbook (FSH).
  • Advises the Chief Electoral Advisor regarding security;
  • Advises the Chief Electoral Advisor, Chief of Operations, Field Operations and programme/project managers, to ensue mainstream security in project planning, budgeting, implementation, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Reviews the impact of security factors (both positive and negative) on the work of UNDP ELECT, and makes appropriate recommendations.
  • Security Plan and Minimum Operating Security Standards:
  • Works closely with DSS CSA to ensure that UNDP ELECT procedures conform to the UN security framework;
  • Ensures that all UNDP ELECT personnel are included in the Security Plan of the respective duty stations, being prepared by the DSS CSA;
  • Assists in the development of a functional emergency business continuity plan for ELECT, in accordance with the UN Country Team business continuity plan;
  • Takes necessary action to secure security clearances for all UNDP ELECT staff travelling in security phase areas;
  • Ensures that UNDP ELECT personnel and equipment are MOSS compliant;
  • Ensures that staff members are provided with; and proficient in the use of, safety equipment, including communications equipment, vehicle emergency equipment and personal security safeguards required for work in the field;
  • Establishes internal communication systems and ensures UNDP ELECT communications are integrated into the appropriate UN Security Communications System;
  • Provides advice on selection and procurement of appropriate equipment for security (vehicles, telecommunications equipment, etc.);
  • Provides orientation and training to international and national staff members on security guidelines, communication procedures, travel precautions, emergency procedures and existing restrictions in movement, such as curfews, restricted and dangerous areas;
  • Coordinates with DSS CSA 24-hour response to all security related incidents involving UNDP ELECT staff and eligible dependents;
  • Liaises, in coordination with the DSS CSA, with local authorities responsible for security, law and order, counterparts in diplomatic missions and municipal/civic/traditional leaders.
Sharing of Information:
  • Provides timely and accurate security advice to the Chief Electoral Advisor, Chief of Operations ELECT, UNDP Afghanistan Management, CTA’s, project managers and visiting consultants;
  • Reports all security–related incidents involving UNDP ELECT staff and eligible dependents to the Country Security Officer, DRR (O) and CSA;
  • Ensures that UNDP ELECT programme staff members are provided with situation reports and other appropriate security related information generated by DSS;
  • Maintains updated UNDP ELECT staff lists, including details of visiting missions and consultants;
  • Establishes, in coordination with DSS CSA, good relationships, with national law enforcement, military and civil intelligence authorities, counterparts in the Diplomatic Missions and municipal/civic/traditional leaders;
  • Encourages an exchange of information relative to risk management for UNDP ELECT programme implementation;
  • Conducts investigations, in conjunction with the DSS CSA, in to the death of UNDP ELECT staff/family member/s under suspicious and unclear circumstances;
  • Participates in inter-agency security coordination efforts.
Office and Residential Security:
  • Conducts periodic security assessments of UNDP ELECT premises and equipment and advises on shortfalls in security preparedness with recommended improvements and solutions;
  • Assists UNDP ELECT in developing and implementing office security requirements for regional offices and offices of UNDP ELECT-implemented projects;
  • Establishes and implements access control mechanisms (visitor/vehicle screening) as necessary for UNDP ELECT regional and project offices based on the security phase;
  • Represents UNDP ELECT security interests in any common premises that UNDP ELECT occupies ensuring that staff safety and security are primary considerations;
  • Ensures UNDP ELECT premises and international staff residences are MOSS and MORSS compliant;
  • Coordinates the establishment of the UN House system in all duty stations and project locations in Afghanistan, from a security point of view;
  • Conducts residential security surveys of UN international staff and recommending physical security measures to the staff member (on request provide this assistance to national staff);
  • Prepares justification for residential security measures, as required;
  • Advises staff on obtaining domestic drivers/servants/assistants
Additional Duties:
  • Leads and manages the ELECT Security section consisting of three international Security Specialists, one international Information Analyst, and the national Security Associate, Security Assistant, Guard supervisor and twenty Guards;
  • Undertakes any additional duties, tasks and responsibilities necessary for the successful implementation of the project.

Go to the UNDP jobs site for more details or to apply for the position.

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