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Vacancy - Security Officers - Afghanistan

UNDP has two vacancies for security officers in Afghanistan. The positions are Kabul based but there is a possibility of travel to other provinces.

Under the direct supervision of the Security Advisor, the Security Specialist undertakes the following duties:

· Prepares, co-ordinates and manages ongoing security planning for the Afghan In dependent Election Commission (IEC) and ongoing operations in co-operation with the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Coalition Force, and the Afghan Ministry for Interior and Ministry of Defense;
· Responsible for the planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of all crisis and emergency preparedness measures in support of IEC operations;
· Provides coordination and direction to both host country and international security actors ensuring a seamless integrated IEC security strategy;
· Briefs key leadership on security developments relating to IEC Operations;
· Coordinates the passage of relevant incident based security related information to UNDP Security, UNDSS, and other UN Agencies, Coalition Forces, and to the Afghan Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Defense;
· Provides the Strategy Security Group (SSG) with weekly briefings concerning the overall security environment and its effect on the security of the IEC;
· Provides risk Management solutions to key leadership as required;
· Conducts risk analysis and threat assessments concerning the security situations as it affects the National Assembly;
· Works with the ELECT Chief Electoral Advisor, her deputy and UNDP to further develop the project component for ongoing security advice and support within the ELECT Project;
· Advises on implementing the future phase of ELECT Project;
· Provides day to day supervision of the national security unit comprising the Security Associate, Security Assistant, Guard Supervisor and 20 Guards;
· Overall responsibility for the management of security of all UN Staff in the ELECT Project;
· Coordinates closely with UNDP Chief Field Security Advisor to ensure implementation of all UN/UNDP related security measures for ELECT UN Staff;
· Performs other duties, tasks and responsibilities required for the successful implementation of the project.

Go to the UNDP jobs site for more details or to apply for the position.

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