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Vacancy - Team Leader, Global Security - USA

Child Fund International is looking for a team leader to establish and build a global staff security and safety function within the organization.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
1. Build Global Staff Security and Safety Function.
  • Design and implement strategies and approaches for ensuring staff safety and security
  • Strategically grow human and financial resources
  • Set and manage budget for staff safety and security
  • Manage and guide staff members with security and safety roles and responsibilities
2. Security and Safety Monitoring and Reporting.
  • Revise and enhance current security and safety policies and procedures
  • Ensure that all organization offices prepare and maintain updated security plans
  • Monitor, research and assess factors regarding security and safety of the organization’s staff worldwide. Collect and analyze Security Related Incident Reports. Make recommendations to mitigate risk, and where necessary undertake security assessment missions to high risk countries or areas where the organization works.
  • Monitor office responses to incidents and direction provided, in order to ensure that appropriate action has been taken.
  • Develop and manage day-to-day security and safety operations (security policy and regulations and the preparation of all mandated planning, administrative and operations documents)
  • Provide overall direction and assistance on all security issues during crisis periods. Lead in the management of specific incidents.
3. Security Training and Support.
  • Manage the organization’s training programs and activities to ensure understanding of and compliance with security policies and procedures
  • Develop web-based refresher trainings and other resources
  • Support the recruitment, training and professional development of field based security officers
4. Internal and External Relations.
  • Act as organizational focal point and lead for security and safety incidents. 
  • Provide direct response, guidance and information to the President and CEO, and the Board as needed.
  • Manage external relationships with host country actors, the media, vendors and other relevant stakeholders during security incidents.
  • Periodically review and update or refine as needed security-related contracts with vendors and contractors.

For more details or to apply please go to the CFI jobs website.

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