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Personal Safety and Security Course - UK

Armadillo at Large is running a three day personal safety and security course from 27 July to 31 July at Farnham, UK. The course will be followed by two days of either field first aid or communications training.

The course syllabus:

The Security Management Framework
Risk, Threat, and Vulnerability
Situational Awareness
Standard Operating Procedures and Contingency Planning
Incident Reporting
Explosive Remnants of War Training
Hostage Survival Strategies
Guns and Bombs and things that go Bang
Personal Preparation
Safety Management
Travel Risks
Practical Simulations

If you are an aid worker heading off to a conflict zone, or you would like to be, I strongly recommend this course. The Armadillo at Large team has top notch instructors who have extensive first hand field experience garnered from some of the world’s most dangerous hot spots.

If you need more details download the course outline or contact Steve directly at steve@armadilloatlarge.com .

Course outline

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