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Links for 1/15/2009

3 Red Cross workers kidnapped in Philippines - Three workers from the International Committee of the Red Cross were abducted n the town of Patikul, on Sulu where Abu Sayyaf and other rebel groups have been active. Officials identified the victims as Andreas Notter of Switzerland, Eugenio Vagni of Italy and a Filipino, Jean Lacaba.

UN chief 'outraged' as Israeli shells hit Gaza headquarters - At least three white phosphorus rounds hit the UN headquarters building in Gaza wounding three staff members.

Twitter for emergency management - Gavin Treadgold posts about the value of Twitter in emergency management. According to Gavin, “One reason sites like Twitter have become so popular with the public is because they can get information quicker than we, as emergency managers, are able to otherwise provide it. That sends a pretty strong message that we need to do better in terms of getting information out to the public.” The same could be said for NGOs.

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